Cyber Medi The Virtual War

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Cyber-bulling: The Virtual War
Bullying is a term that most of us recognize. We have either experienced it first hand or been a witness to it. Due to the precedent of today’s technology and the high speed Internet, bullying has evolved into a virtual war zone and the casualties, unfortunately are our youths. As stated by Cross, Dooley, and Pyzalski (2009) cyber-bullying by definition is “an aggressive, intentional act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms of contact, repeatedly and over time against a victim who cannot easily defend him or herself.” Cyber-bullying is most prominent among today’s teenagers and youth. The motivation for this type of harm is stemmed from different agents and can be driven by economic,
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Most often the bully lacks affection within their household or has been victim to some mode of bullying which impels them to bully others. A families’ dynamic plays a key role in how a child preserves themself and the people around them. If the parents exhibit violent and aggressive behavior then the children tend to display the same traits. “Research consistently finds that families of bullies are lacking in warmth and closeness and are focused on power and dominance. Research also indicates that bullies are likely to grow up without a father figure and that they are often victims of physical and emotional abuse.” (Duncan, 2009)
Another component that can spark cyber-bullying is jealousy or envy. When an individual has something he or she desires, a sense of envy or jealousy can arise. It can be envy of materialistic items such as clothes, cars, money, or even jealously of social standing or relationships. Often times this envy is the root of cyber-bullying. What may begin as normal venting of frustrations can lead to rumors and threats? Constantly individuals compare themselves them to their so-called competition. They feel that if they bring others down by means of bullying then they can improve their own self-esteem or self-worth.
A third component that can induce bullying is a person who is different from them. They can be different in several mannerisms such as cultural, physical and socio-economic differences or even someone
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