Cyber Mercenary Group Known As The ' Desert Falcons '

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Executive summary
The information within this report will give the reader an in depth look into the cyber-mercenary group known as the ‘Desert Falcons’. They operate out of the Middle East, particularly Palestine, Egypt and Israel and are distinctly interested in the political and information landscape of their region. The Desert Falcons display limited scope for attacks against major powers at this point in time, rather, they concentrate their attacks on local power players. This includes local government and military targets in addition to powerful individuals in the area. The group has been credited as having had designed a native scripting language and being capable of complex social engineering attacks. The information taken from the targets is usually of a sensitive or confidential nature and, therefore, is used by Desert Falcons to blackmail the people and organisations the information was taken from. The main technique used to gain this information is that of a Trojan virus embedded within a social engineering attack that gains the trust of the victim before unloading the Trojan virus’s payload. Attacks against targets include high ranking military personnel, financial, media and even government departments and pivotal personnel have been recognised as the Desert Falcons because they have taken responsibility over them and have demanded ransoms for the attacks. The Desert Falcons face several different limitations within their organisation. These limitations stem
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