Cyber Security : A Common Thing

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In this time where the use of computers and networks related to them has become a common thing, there have been developed problems with concerns about cyber-security. Cyber-security is an important factor to be considered if one is to be able to protect themselves from malicious people and software from the Internet. The majority of the threats to computer networks come from the Internet and they are often intentional, having been developed by people with malicious intent. Cyber security is an attempt by individuals to protect their personal information and other digital assets from attacks from the Internet. Cyber-security consists of various steps, one of the most important being the individual understands the type of attacks they may encounter. Once they have knowledge of this, then it is their responsibility to ensure that they have put in place the best security system they can get. There are different types of threats and these can be considered to be of varying severity and risk to a person 's personal information in their computers. The higher the likelihood of an attack, the more sophisticated the security has to be to make sure the that the threat is minimized. Cyber-security involves dealing with threats which can be ranging from malicious code, which are known as malware and spyware, to computer viruses. Some of these viruses are so dangerous that they have the ability to wipe an entire operating system off of a computer. These viruses also allow hackers to have
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