Cyber Security : A Global Issue

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Cyber Security is one of the popular issue in computer technology and also it has become a global issue of interest and importance. Currently, more than 50 countries have officially published some strategy documents on cyberspace, cybercrime and cyber security. In many countries such as UK and USA, they have put this issue on their top priority and have spent millions of pounds over the years on National Cyber Security Program. In many literatures cyber security has become an important concept. Many big companies felt they are unsecure by cybercrimes. One the most famous company international telecommunication union says cyber security is set of tools, concepts, and security policies and also they said training, actions assurance, safe…show more content…
[1] Now-a-days cyber security has become a global interest and also how important its issues. According to studies maximum rate of computer attacks are done on against government, financial organizations and power and also same studies show that the United States is only the country has been faced most such type of attacks. With also increasing of fear of terrorism attack, and apart increasing of cyber terrorist attacks. According to the lists of United Kingdom the cyber security is top in that list and has done over 650 million pounds over 4 years for a national cyber security program. Couple of days ago united states of America told their thoughts to divide the attacks of cyber security in different types as they were in war at exact time. Even UK planned to spend one million dollars to build well advance And developed system to protect from cyber security. This decision made them to face new bills of cyber security. This decision made a huge gap between private and government sectors and many leaders of different countries raised questions of cyber security because it was a kind of discussion issue. There are a lot and best papers of organizations that can be easily referred to judge those individual organizations but there is one more issues is there is no clear detail or information for communities. Cyber security is a set of security concepts,
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