Cyber Security, A Government And Private Industry Affair

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Cyber-security, a government and private industry affair
The role of computers in business operations is growing with each wake. Computers have helped entities boost efficiency, speed up service and product delivery and take consumer interaction to another level. However, this new wave has not come without its challenges. Cybercrimes pose a threat to information security and privacy, which is a concern for private and public institutions alike. The United States has developed laws that seek to regulate and improve cyber security across public and private institutions, in an endeavor to ensure national security. Therefore, managers have a new task during the process of decision making as they no longer need to look at their own organization but the society at large, when deciding whether or not to deploy cyber measures enacted by the government. Managers need to appreciate the interconnectedness nature of society and the effect that their decisions could have on security, social wellbeing and political structure of the county, as the society is a unit and harmony when fighting an obstacle such as cyber security is highly essential.
Government directives on cyber-security
The federal administration has a duty to safeguard both non-federal and federal system. Since early 1980s, a number of cyber security laws have been enacted and they include the following.
The Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984
Electronic Communications Privacy Act…
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