Cyber Security : A Multi Billion Dollar Operation

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Introduction Cyber Security is a multi-billion dollar operation. This can be said to be true for both sides of the law. Companies spend thousands of dollars a year to guard their information from competitors, even hackers who try to access information illegally. Usually competitors hire hackers to snoop through another company’s information to find out what they have to offer. While on the other side, corporations spend thousands of dollars to keep these hackers out, by designing “so called” impenetrable firewalls and other defenses mechanisms within the cyber world. We see millions of attacks daily with no sign of it slowing down. We are seeing new methods of hacking being developed and in return we see its’ defense. With the…show more content…
Cyber-attacks are used to impact or compromise the integrity of a digital device and the information that is being stored on those devices. Identification of the problem More than 2/5th of the cyber incidents reported by federal agencies last year were attempts to access U.S. networks or propagate malicious code (White, 2014). As each year progresses we see more and more attacks. The research found that the number of detected information security incidents has risen 66% year over year since 2009 (White, 2014). In the 2014 survey, the total number of security incidents detected by respondents grew to 42.8 million around the world, up 48% from 2013—an average of 117,339 per day (White, 2014). Security breaches and incidents cost business an average of $2.7 million each year (White, 2014). With this we see a giant financial impact of breaches also increase. Since 2013 the financial impact has increased 34% up until 2014 (White, 2014). While attacks on national stats were also increase by 86% in 2014 with the targets primarily focusing on gas and oil, aerospace and defense, technology, and telecommunications sector (White, 2014). While attacks on these targets are usually the result of competitors within their fields. As part of a company’s defense plan, they monitor and record the amount of hacking attempts their systems infiltrate each day. Specifically, The energy company BP says it suffers 50,000 attempts
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