Cyber Security Analyst Career Goals

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Throughout high school, I have been given ample time and resources to determine what career, academic, and vocational goals I would like to accomplish later on in life. My goal in life for my academics and career field is simple. I would like to go to college and undergo the necessary teachings to become a Cyber Security Analyst. More specifically, I would like to attend Capitol Technology University in Laurel, Maryland as a full-time student and study in their Cyber Security courses and major in Cyber and Information Security course. I have taken Computer Engineering Technology for 3 years. In class, students are taken through the basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons that correlate to computers and related topics. My sophomore year was…show more content…
CompTIA Security+ focuses on how to secure networks and computers as a whole, and this is the career field I would like to commit to. While I am still in high school, I will be participating in the Advanced Placement Computer Sciences course. This class covers coding languages and how to structure code correctly. If my plan to go to Capitol Technology University follows through, that would lead to internship opportunities at well-known companies and organizations such as the United States National Security Agency, United States Department of Homeland Security, and the Committee on National Security Systems. These internships could lead to major career opportunities that open up doors for my future. If I do manage to acquire an occupation in the Cyber Security vocational area, I would like to work for a company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Apple in their cloud computing areas. I have studied a large amount of information on cloud computing and cloud servers because of a senior project that my high school required me to do. For this project, I wrote a paper on cloud computing, structured a PowerPoint presentation on cloud servers, and created a product pertaining to the topic of my
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