Cyber Security And Business Organizations

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Cyber Security in Business Organizations Advances in modern day information technology has presented many challenges for business organizations in combating internet cyber attacks. Undoubtedly, cyber security has become one of the biggest concerns of corporations as demand for more transparency in business grows, and e-Commerce and e-Business optimization continues to evolve. Cyber attacks are malicious criminal acts of deception over the internet to infiltrate personal and business information system networks, data, infrastructures, or any mobile computer devices with the intent of stealing information, proprietary intellectual properties or identity theft. From 2013 - 2014, big businesses such as Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, JP…show more content…
The trajectory for 2015 was expected to be 42.8 million cyber attacks, roughly 117,339 occurrences each day. (Bennett, 2014). These are sobering statistics for any corporation aiming to thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace. This case study narrative will focus on cyber security in business organizations. This paper begins by discussing the challenges companies face in protecting organization assets and information. The discussion proceeds to specify the red flags Target overlooked before the 2013 attack, and why these warnings were ignored. This writer will then determine the actions Target took after the breach occurred. Lastly this paper presents reasons why the attack occurred, concluding with this author’s opinion on whether the attack was due to poor infrastructure or inability of management to act accordingly. Challenges Organizations Face Protecting Assets and Information This author begins the case study by looking at several challenges organizations face in protecting organizational assets and information. This writer ascertained in the preceding introductory paragraph that businesses must meet an increasing demand by employees, customers, business stakeholders and shareowners to make their operations more transparent, and better optimize the use of e-Commerce and e-Business capabilities. There is increasing concern by business leaders
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