Cyber Security And Cyber Attacks

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Introduction: Cyber security is a major concern for every department, business, and citizen of the United States because technology impacts every aspect of our daily lives. The more we use technology the more complacent, we get with the information that is stored within our cyber networks. The more complacent, we get, the more vulnerable we become to cyber-attacks because we fail to update the mechanisms that safeguard our information. Breaches to security networks are detrimental to personal, economic, and national security information. Many countries, like Russia, China, Israel, France, and the United Kingdom, now have the abilities and technology to launch cyber-attacks on the United States. In the last five years there have been several attacks on cyber systems to gain access to information maintained by major businesses and the United States Government. Cyber-attacks cause serious harm to the United States’ economy, community, and the safety, so we need to build stronger cyber security mechanisms. Based on my theoretical analysis, I recommend the following:
1. The United States government needs to focus less on physical warfare and more on cyber warfare.
2. The United States government needs to demonstrate power, and that it is capable and willing to attack back.
3. The government needs to take greater steps to protect and secure government information from foreign cyber-attacks.

Background: Protecting this countries national security is becoming more of an…
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