Cyber Security And Cyber Attacks

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Technology is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives which increases the number of vulnerabilities and the number of threats that have could negatively impact organizations information security. A vast majority of organizations rely on computers and the internet to store its data. Cyber attacks can take place in a variety of industries that might the general population does not realize such as cellular communication services, airplane navigation systems, and medical record security. All of these organizations are in highly diverse industries but need to be aware of cyber threats that could affect their specific industry. The best way for an organization to protect its data and private information is to implement cybersecurity…show more content…
Hackers have extensive computer knowledge that allows them to bypass an organization 's security but not all hackers are malicious and intend to exploit an organization 's vulnerabilities. A white hat hacker is hired by an organization to hack into an organization 's system to check for weaknesses to increase the security of a certain area. A gray hat hacker is also hired by an organization to hack into an organization 's system to check for weakness but this hacker went further into the system than allowed by the organization. A black hat hacker is a hacker that attacks a system in a malicious way for illegitimate reasons. When an organization implements a well thought out cybersecurity system it can help reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack from occurring and having a detrimental outcome to the organization. Management of an organization needs to protect the organization from different forms of cyber attacks. The most common cyber attacks include malware, cyber phishing, and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack. Malware is code with malicious intent that attempts to steal or destroy data that is on the host 's system. Malware is commonly exposed to an organization 's system through software downloads, email attachments or operating system vulnerabilities. Cyber phishing attacks occur when a third-party requests data from an employee within an organization via email. These emails will usually consist of a link that will transfer
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