Cyber Security And Cyber Warfare

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8.1 Summary
8.1.1 Motivation
To address the increasing threats to national security coming from the cyber domain, military intelligence corps have recognized the need for officers trained in cyberspace
Data subject to restrictions on cover and notice page. counterterrorism techniques, technologies, and methods. These officers direct and conduct integrated electronic warfare, information technology, and cyberspace operations, as authorized or directed, to ensure freedom of action in and through cyberspace and the information environment, and to deny the same to our nation 's adversaries.
In support of the requirement for officers trained in cyber warfare techniques and technologies, the ROTC Cyber Research program provides cadets with opportunities to research and solve real world problems in cyber security and cyber counter-terrorism.
This first year pilot program research effort focused on the design and deployment of a covert communications network that can operate at the enemy 's operational base and gather intelligence on enemy communications and activities. This effort is in support of the Year 1 Challenge Problem of the Cyber-Spectrum Research and Technology Development Virtual Environment (CSpec-DVE).
The covert communications system design is optimal with regard to detection avoidance, information gathering and transmission, and power requirements. Covert methodologies…

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