Cyber Security And Social Engineering

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Introduction Background Information Of all the things that we’ve learned in this course, one of the weakest aspects of cyber security is social engineering. Social engineering is a way for people to manipulate others into breaking normal security procedures, by relying heavily on human interaction. An organization could have the most state-of-the-art cyber protection software and the strictest policies, but all of that can be broken down from human error, negligence, or malice. Cyber criminals can exploit personal information from someone easier than hacking a system for the same information. We tend to give out personal information without thinking of the possible consequences. Security is about trust because we trust our information is…show more content…
These types of attacks can cost a company in different ways. In the attack involving the Associated Press, the Dow fell 150 points within minutes until news reported that the tweet was incorrect (Peters). While the attack involving the county treasurer resulted in the company losing $1.2 million dollars and the treasurer going to jail for 14 years (Hay). Social Engineering & Exploits Information Gathered As a group, the first thing we did was to attain as much general information we can find on Professor Ravi. Since many of us have taken his classes from previous semesters, we still have his syllabi that contain his general information. Information such as his office number and school email were easily found. All school related information can also be found on the University of Hawaii at Manoa ICS department website. We located his class schedule by utilizing the University of Hawaii at Manoa class availability site for the 2016 Spring semester. There are public information sites such as and that allowed us to find his last known address and phone number. A simple google search enabled us to find his pictures and possible weekly activities and Facebook page was found easily via the search function on Facebook. The following information has been summarized here with source materials attached at end of paper: Office number: POST 314A E-mail: Department: Department of Information & Computer Science
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