Cyber Security And Technology Detection System

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If a collection of technologies designed to form a tool to safeguard computers, data and networks from unauthorized access or attacks, then this tool can be named as cyber security. To guarantee the safety of a system a tool should be able to detect an anomaly or intrusion. Thus this tool set consist of at least an Intrusion detection system. The system tries to prevent intrusion by having firewalls and tries to eliminate the damage done by the use of antivirus.
Attacks can be classified as “known attacks” or “anomaly based”. Some attacks have signature similar to previous attacks others are novel and may have no common signature. To deal with such variation different techniques are incorporated. Thus, we can say IDS (intrusion detection system) can be classified into 2 main categories. One that uses the signature of previous attacks to estimate or detect intrusion other that checks for anomalies. Both have their limitations and advantages. Biggest limitation of anomaly system is false reports. Thus a third type of system also exists, Hybrid, which uses both the previous two to detect Intrusions.
The paper is intended for beginner and focuses on ML/DM techniques for cyber security. The main characteristic that separates this paper from other survey papers is that it covers most popular techniques based on citation count and also most emerging techniques based on publish dates. Also it compares those techniques and as we all know different problems have different optimum…
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