Cyber Security And Terrorism : Terrorism

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Hector Morales
Professor Giordano
POL 105 Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am-10:45am
October 4, 2016

Cyber Security & Terrorism
In the 21st century, humans continue to advance technology at an incredibly fast rate, which also indicates we become more dependent of the technology. Keep in mind, with more technology being available, new threats emerge constantly in the cyber-world. Everyday society seems to be integrating digitally more and more, meaning the US 's infrastructure may be susceptible to attacks. Little is known about America 's Cyber Security defenses, if any money or such has been invested in improving our defense, so that we may have sufficient protection against such attacks. It is critical that the government and private sectors (if any) will come in a joint effort to ensure the security of our nation 's infrastructure and not be susceptible to any attacks on the digital frontier.
The biggest fear of many people and government agencies, however, is the threat of an actual cyber-attack. In general, the public does not know the actual meaning of cyberterrorism. Cyberterrorism is defined as “the politically motivated use of computers and information technology to cause severe disruption or widespread fear in society”. Everything is being networked, and many of our systems today are reliant on computers and computer networks. Due to these advancements it has led to the rise of hackers and viruses, constantly trying to infiltrate networks on a daily basis. Imagine
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