Cyber Security And The Cyber Threat

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Unfortunately, far two many organizations are unaware and unprepared to deal with the impact of the cyber-threat. With this in mine, security awareness training is economical and obvious choice for organization of all sizes. Many companies invest heavily in cyber security education programs for all employees to learn how to protect their computers and personal information and how to be aware of the cyber criminals that sour the Web in search of targets and vulnerabilities. For the most part the training should include educating users on security concepts such as be conversant with social engineering attacks, malware attacks, what to post on face book, twitter, LinkedIn , phishing tactics and other type of threat that are encountered in the work place (http;//net security. security
. The goal for this training is to equip employees with knowledge and skills that need positive change and eliminate the cycle of network security ignorance. Employees must be vigilant that there are bad guys out there that want to steal sensitive information from an organization ( Brian Moynihan; CEO of the bank of American frequently speaks about the challenges modern information services face. As mobile banking stay competitive and within budget, the bank is constantly innovating and improving, but innovation cannot come at the cost of establishing weakened security (Vivek, 2015) When network security is in place, organization will…

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