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As the use of technology has increased drastically over the last two decades, so has our need for technology. Technology has become a part about our everyday life and we can find technology being used nearly everywhere. Most systems in today’s countries and societies rely on technological infrastructure; these systems include transport systems, factory systems, power plant systems and water sanitation systems. This brings on the question of to what extent have governments developed their cyber security departments, what evidence is there of governmental involvement in malware attacks and why should governments be concerned about cyber security. Since these systems rely heavily on technology, governments have to consider them as high-risk…show more content…
The slammer virus managed to disable the emergency call system, the air traffic control system at some airports in the USA and the bank of America’s ATM network among other things.
Cyber treats of the 21st century
Computer Viruses are increasingly becoming more common, currently 148,000 computers are infected every day and the World Economic Forum predicts that there is a 10% chance for critical infrastructure being damaged in the next 5 years . As mentioned earlier most of the critical infrastructure like power plants and water treatment facilities rely on computer systems, but more specifically PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) 2 and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions System) . These control systems have a major drawback, which is that they are susceptible to attacks by hackers if they are not configured in the correct way. There have been several examples of systems being compromised. The ICS-CERT (Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team) responded to 198 cyber incidents reported by power plants, water treatment plants and other critical infrastructure during 2012 . An experiment was conducted at the Department of Energy’s Lab in Ohio in 2007. The aim of the experiment was to prove that it is possible to hack into the US power grid and shut down diesel generators. The experiment was called Aurora, the group of computer experts managed to hack into the diesel generator and
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