Cyber Security Is One Of The Hottest Topic Essay

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Cyber security is one of the hottest topic in the IT world . Cyber security is the non- ending.Computer security is also known as Cyber security or IT security. In this research more emphases is given on network security or the security of data that is being transmitted through a network. The main idea behind choosing this topic, other than my interest is the problem of security in the real world or the Cyber world.At this point of time a great number of people are digital people, being digital means directly or indirectly we are dealing with computers.So it becomes important to have a safe channel for the things that we do digitally.But till date nothing is 100% secure in the digital world, yes we humans have developed very secure equipments but still everday a new way of creating problem is also being developed . Most of the things that we use digitally are supposed to be dynamic and to bring dynamacity in our digital world , we need to be on a network .
Networks are always prone to the security threats. No matters how secure a network is , people are developing new ways of penetrating through these networks everday. Due to this our data that is being transmitted through network is not safe.One needs to be updated of all the types of bugs that can create problem in a network, and this factor of being updated of all kinds of new threats makes this topic more interesting ,one will have to thing in an inovative way to deal with problems that are extremely new. It

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