Cyber Security : The New Business Priority

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Hacker groups are like the secret agency to most people because they always hide behind their computer and rarely show their accomplishments in public. However, the Anonymous hacker group shows its power to the public by declaring internet war against ISIS, and people finally realized that cyber attack is powerful. In fact, cyber security is always a serious problem in the U.S, but most companies and individuals do not realize the extent of the threat. Many companies lose their confidential files and customers’ information because their cyber securities are too weak. In order to protect company assets, companies should be aware of the importance of cyber security and spend money to build stronger cyber defense for themselves.
Summary Of Scholarly Articles (Emory)
The article “Cybersecurity: The new business priority”, states that information security is a high-risk area in terms of protecting a company’s assets. Loveland and Lobel (2016) believe cybersecurity does not receive adequate attention from CEOs and CIOs despite latest news and headlines always warning of cyber-attacks. Even with federal government organizations like the Securities and Exchange Commission highlighting the danger, many businesses fail to install proper safeguards and strategies to combat threats. To test the perceptions of companies’ vs the actual reality of their cyber security executives were surveyed on how confident they felt against a cyber-attack. Results showed that executives felt extremely…
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