Cyber Security : The New Business Priority

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Hacker groups are like the secret agency to most people because they always hide behind their computer and rarely show their accomplishments in public. However, the Anonymous hacker group shows its power to the public by declaring internet war against ISIS, and people finally realized that cyber attack is powerful. In fact, cyber security is always a serious problem in the U.S, but most companies and individuals do not realize the extent of the threat. Many companies lose their confidential files and customers’ information because their cyber securities are too weak. In order to protect company assets, companies should be aware of the importance of cyber security and spend money to build stronger cyber defense for themselves.
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However, when asked if there was an actual IT security strategy in place there was a sharp drop in positive responses. Most executives were confident in their company security, but had no actual strategy to deal with breaches. Executives everywhere were misinformed on the realities of cyber security. According to Loveland and Lobel (2016) states that companies must take proactive steps by identifying sensitive data that requires protection and be aware of risks to the data. Then when security measures are implemented they must be reviewed and tested constantly to keep them up to date to the latest ever-growing cyber security threats. The leading companies of the 21st century are the ones who take cybersecurity with caution.
The article, “Fight or Comply: The Federal Trade Commission 's Power to Hold Companies Liable for Data Security Breaches,” is about how companies who do not adequately protect their databases regarding client, customer, and employee information can be held liable by the Federal Trade Commission. Sargent (2016) states the FTC has filed many lawsuits in civil courts to punish and demand companies to spend more time protecting consumers from data breaches. Despite being a regulatory body, there has not been any specific laws holding companies accountable in cyber-attacks. The article states that businesses must take proactive steps to prevent breaches, as well as backup plans in the case a breach occurs. Even
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