Cyber Security : The Protection Of Computers

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When we live in a world with so much technology and practically living our lives online, something needs to keep our precious data safe. Cyber security was the answer to that dilemma, and keeps all of our personal information away from people who have nefarious plans for it. Cyber Security spawned from the technology age. With so many people online and some much data flowing freely, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened. Cyber security is the protection of computers, networks, and pretty much anything that deals with an internet connection from being accessed or used in an unauthorized manner. All types of things that involve interacting with another service on the internet can be a possible threat to your personal information. Where Cyber Security comes in is when that attack is stopped before it has a chance to take effect. A Lot of the problem with Cyber security getting put behind other departments with funding and thinking they aren 't as valuable than others, stems from a culture that only sees what 's right in front of them. Meaning that if this department shows time and time again that they help a company make money then the executives are happy. They know that they make money because of that, but with networking and Cyber Security people the only time someone cares about your work is when things don’t. Cyber security involves various steps the most important of these being an individual’s understanding of the different forms of attacks that
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