Cyber Security : The Security Of The Nation 's Computer And Telecommunications Infrastructure

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Cyber Security can be defined as “The security of the nation’s computer and telecommunications infrastructure that include military, all forms of communications networking, electrical grids and power plants.” (Dhillon, 2013) The attacks can involve both public and private sectors including: • Government Agencies • Banks • Power Companies • Any other companies that utilizes computer and telecommunication systems. Very little research exists regarding power in information system (IS) security. However, with new policies promulgated over the past 12 years resistance is bound to occur, which makes a fantastic breeding ground for research on how effective the IS policy can be. Threats: Threats to the security of the country and its citizens can…show more content…
• The application of the theory leads to a complete political appraisal of the organization. • The theory describes power in three different circuits. o Episodic: Describes day-day interaction, work, and outcomes. o Social Integration: Views how social structures affect power relationships and focusses on memberships and focusses on memberships and relationships. This has 2 subunits:  Membership  Shared Norms o System Integration: Looks at the technological means of control of an organization over the social and physical environment, this has two sub elements:  Production  Discipline Episodic Circuit of Power: • The episodic circuit of power describes how events can shape policy. • The events of 9/11 demonstrated how the lack of communication left the nation in a vulnerable state. • The creation of department of homeland security illustrates the episodic power of an organization. • Redirecting funds and resources, implementing personal policy oversight and other functions were placed under the control of a single person. • The Creation of DHS also affected congressional functions. • This resulted in the redirection of funds to certain areas of the country under the pretense of protection from terrorism. • Terrorism is a grave threat to the nation but attacks are waged against organizations every single day that are not affiliated with a terrorist organization.
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