Cyber Security : The Threat Of The Digital Age

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Some of the potentially greatest threats to our national security revolve around that of a computer network. These networks are vulnerable to human error, negligence, and internal sabotages. In the years of 2014 and 2015 the United States Intelligence Community’s threat assessment placed cyber security as the top priority. External attacks on computer mainframes and data networks that contain critical intelligence are being recognized as the nation’s most vulnerable weakness and steps must be taken to combat the threat of the digital age. I predict that the weakest link to cyber security is not policy or macro-cyber protection efforts, but actually on an individual personnel level. Thus, I propose the idea of a physical line of defense consisting of counter-cyber personnel. This paper will attempt to analyze the nature of cyber security and how cyber attacks can pose a threat to national security. I will also suggest solutions on how to mitigate the risks and problems that arise in creating a flexible, and capable cyber defense policy. China China has been known to use cyber technology for the use of collecting intelligence on US sources and for supplementing military operations. Clearly, this poses a significant threat to US national security. In the past year, various intelligence reports have indicated that China’s cyber network provides its government and the People’s Liberation Army access into confidential information belonging to over one hundred other countries,

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