Cyber Security Threats And Crimes

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Cyber security threats/crimes
Before people even knew you could do so much with computers and internet beside common work activity before it got popular and admired, criminals had to get a lot more personal when retrieving their personal information like dig through trash, steal or break into their mailboxes, are buy it from a somebody who sold other people identity was some of the way criminal got people personal information. Now many of people around the world keep all of their information online and criminal have quickly figure out a way to seal people information and identities without ever living there house.
Cybercrime is one of the fast-growing areas of crime we are facing right now. More criminal’s everyday are taking advantage of the convenience and preying on people use of the Internet to commit a series of criminal activities that has no boundaries physical or virtual. Attacks against computer hardware and software, for example, malware and network intrusion; Financial crimes and corruption, such as online fraud, phishing; are some ways these criminal use to get your personal information..

The major annoyance and risk for the internet community has to be hacker and spammers. The toughest security measures have not been able to enclose these criminals. Such as, social sites like Facebook, twitter and Myspace are candy land for hackers in 2008 and 2014. However the targets for 2015 will probably be altered
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