Cyber Security Vulnerability : A Analysis On The Vulnerabilities As Well As The Uses Of Cyber Intrusions

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Cyber security vulnerability
Bryan States
University of Maryland University College Professor
CSEC 610
July 7, 2015

Introduction An analysis on the vulnerabilities as well as the use of cyber intrusions in an organizational network has become key for running businesses (Sengupta, Mazumdar & Bagchi, 2011). Enterprises including academic facilities, government parastatals and manufacturing firms are started to carry out business. The organizations mentioned above will in one way or another need an enterprise network to ensure that there is smooth running of operations for success in their undertakings. The network is made up of software and hardware systems, transmission media, devices and employees. Different organizations
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Since the subnets can serve to expose a company, ensuring identification of threats is critical for survival of information systems. In other words, the weaknesses in the information systems can act as a basis on which harmful results to the operation of the company evolve. Managers in the information technology sector are faced with various challenges. Above all, the single most cybersecurity vulnerability remains to be individuals or employees in organizations. This is because lapses in the security system always start with members of staff. Moreover, the above-mentioned individuals are the primary defense mechanism. The range of activities that come up as a result of human error are many, most of the time involving acts of trespass, extortion, vandalism and even theft. The reason behind vulnerability is in the fact that efforts of protection are easily defeated and would only require a person who is against your interests in a particular way. An example is a scenario where an employee decides to infect the system of an organization with a virus. Nevertheless, the same person could become negligent in his duties and give an unauthorized colleague usernames and passwords to systems. The consequences that lie in this would be dire in that it can facilitate crime and sharing of files, which may be considered confidential by a company. Once such confidential information reaches the wrong hands, it can be damaging. On one hand, it can be used for blackmail,
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