Cyber Software Inc. 's Case

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Introduction Cyber Software Inc.’s client, the Baltimore City Government, website was hacked. Several credit card numbers and other information were accessed and stolen from the Baltimore City Government servers. Since, the cyber Software company responded very quickly only 275 people were affected by the hacking. However, the hacking of the City Governments servers has led to Mr. Jackson wanting to create better software that will prevent any future hackings and will improve the cleanup procedures once a company’s Software has been compromised. The company’s current structure contains little to no chain of command and the programmers can’t seem to agree on which course of action to take in order to implement changes. There needs to be a separation of the divisions within the company to ensure that the resources are being used appropriately. Several programmers are working on similar projects and the resources aren’t being distributed appropriately. In order to ensure the new programs are implemented in a timely and cost effective manners a new company structure and organization needs to be created. Management A new mission and vision statement is now needed for the company which will align with what Joseph Jackson envisions for his company. A mission and vision statement asks “What do we do and where do we aim to be?” (Diffen, n.d.). A clear and strong mission and vision statement the organization will better understand their purpose and major objectives in
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