Cybercrime Essay

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In our ever changing world, cyber systems have become a critical part of our everyday life. They play a role in almost everything that we do in areas such as wall street, banking, hospitals, electric generation and delivery, water treatment and delivery, phone conversation, the defense of our nation and I haven’t even scratch the surface of the countless way cyber systems have become a iatrical part of our everyday life. This dependence on cyber systems has created and every growing threat of cybercrime. (Way Press International, 2000) There are numerous different types of cybercrimes that are committed and they continue to grow and change their techniques to circumvent many of the security measures that are used to prevent cybercrime. These cybercrimes often can focus on individuals in the hopes of defrauding them of their hard earned money using numerous different tactics. Cybercrimes can also be used to defraud large organization, cripple critical infrastructures, and disrupt emergency services for numerous reason. All of the aforementioned are just a few of the many issues that are faced today and why information technology professionals should be concerned about the possibility of a cybercrime occurring at their organization. (Way Press International, 2000) There are several vulnerabilities that have been identified that leave industries at risk for cyber-attacks. One such industry is power companies and the overall power grid. The pentagon has even disclosed that
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