Cyber Terrorism And Cyber Attacks

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Introduction It is the era of cyber technology and there is lots of cyber-attacks are happening every day, on many organizations, private sectors, government sectors, these attacks are done by the cyber attackers or as called hackers, these cyber-attacks are also known as cyber-terrorism attacks. Because of these attacks all the countries are suffering to develop the country economical wise and other related to confidential matters related to business and political issues. The cybercrime rate is increasing very rapidly and to prevent this all business companies and other bodies are implementing many software to get protected from the cyber attacks but there still risk of attacks happening some attacks are real quick which just happen…show more content…
It is Important because organisations can find out the loopholes in the system and fix them from attacks. Users privacy and data security is biggest thing to protect now days. If a small loophole left in the system and hackers can hack the system because of the loophole and get access to the confidential information. And hackers can get detail of of person from the social media websites and use it for some illegal reason. And before doing any business with third party the organisations always look for the PCI compliance certifications. In the pen testing the important things needs to be tested are software, network and hardware. Types of the penetration testing. engineering: the main issue which cause the security vulnerability are human errors or as called human mistakes. In case to avoid the social pen testing all the staff should follow all the security standards and policies. Example any confidential information should not be shared over the social media sites or over the phone conversation. 2. Application security testing: this is process in which we can use some software to find out if there are loopholes to the system. 3. Physical penetration test: to protect sensitive and confidential data strong security measures are applied. This is mainly used in the government bodies.All access points and physical network devices are tested for possibilities of any security breach. Techniques for penetration testing.: 1) Manual penetration test 2) Using automatic
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