Cyber Threats Online: Cyberbullying

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More than 2 in 4 social media users have experienced cyber threats online. Social Media has come a long way creating many ways to entertain ourselves and interact with others, such as, friends, family, or complete strangers. Over the years technological advances have certainly increased. Social networks have skyrocketed tremendously over the past years becoming highly popular all over the world and to everyone. For instance, we know have Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Instagram etc. These social networks might be a luxury to some people but unfortunately others have experienced awful situations and encounters that have left them traumatized. Not only are people getting bullied, harass, and teased on these social Medias but its changing the way we interact and communicate with one another in real life. Sarah Zay, of USA Today, said that “With the rise of websites such as Facebook, social networking may be on the verge of replacing traditional personal interactions for the next generation.”(Sarah). Social media sites provide many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, but Social Media greatly impacts our society in a negative way as it causes physical and mental harm to select others, identity fraud(Sex-Offender), and it’s changing the way we communicate and interact.
First of all, nowadays we have so many social networks to choose from cyberbullying has sadly increased. Adults, teens, and even children have been virtually attacked, harm and in some cases physical
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