Cyber Warfare And Cyber Crime

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Introduction The internet is everywhere. It has become the most widely used and accessed technology platform on the planet. It seems like it’s almost gotten to the point where your blender is going to need an IP address unless you want an outdated smoothie. So of course in this day and age when computing and online interaction has become so pervasive that it would be of paramount importance to protect your networks, your devices and yourself. Not only is cyber space ubiquitous, but cyber attacks as well. Every day worldwide countless governments, companies, and private citizens are subject to cyber attacks. The security world works round the clock in an attempt to stay ahead of the attackers. One of the most important tools that helps the security tools stay ahead of would be attackers are honeypots. The aptly named security tool works as a decoy device tricking attackers to believe it is part of, or actually is the system they are attempting to compromise. Honeypots have become a necessary accessory in the war on cyber crime, not only for the purposes of detection and prevention, but for the purpose of studying and gaining a better understanding of the tools and techniques of cyber attacks. The next section of this paper will look into the history and background of honeypots. Then the current state of honeypots are discussed a long with relevant technologies that are making waves in the decoy technology world. Followed by a look into emerging state of the art
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