Cyber Warfare And Global Affairs

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The rapid merging of telecommunications and digital infrastructure is extremely beneficial to limit human error, collect data, and create a more interdependent world. However, this merge also poses threats on computers, servers, and even machinery. The influx of hackers and keyloggers are taking advantage of our increasingly interdependent world can steal information. Even countries are using the cyber domain as a separate battlefield to fulfill their missions and acquire information. Cyberwar is relatively a new term to describe: an Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems. But the definition is constantly evolving with time and the more knowledge the public acquires about…show more content…
Before they are able to create these laws and regulations between countries there is a huge issue with classification. The problem with the issues that result from cyber warfare, and hacking within the cyber realm is that there is confusion within the public. In regards to what cyber warfare means, and what that means for society. To understand cyber warfare it is important to understand the distinction between a cyber attack and cyber warfare. A cyber attack is within the cyber domain with an objective of data theft, pranks, etc. While cyber warfare is still within the cyber domain, (they coexist in the same realm) but a cyber war is a state of armed conflict politically motivated with violent means — with violence, just like with regular conflict, with the regular war itself. However, this area of cyber warfare is not something we can measure or separate like borders of a state because it is not very tangible and it is a fairly new topic, so we don 't know the jurisdictions of it. There are so many questions regarding how to make sense of cyber warfare and an even more confusing legal conceptual of a cyber war to fit into the established law of war.

Since the growing number of cyberattacks, the United States created a separate command called the Cyber Command on June 23, 2009. The secretary of defense directed the commander of the US Strategic Command to establish a sub-unified command, US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). Full Operational Capability
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