Cyber Warfare And Security Threats

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The innovations in information technology and increased amount of interconnected electronic devices today create new economic and social prospects as well as improve the overall quality of our lives. While these leading edge technologies create opportunities, some have become prey to attackers and has given birth to a new era of Cyber warfare. Consequently, the Internet, computers and networks have become targets and vehicles of cyber attacks and generate challenges to our security privacy. Cyber Warfare presents an ever-increasing amount of security threats, which continue to escalate with increasing harshness, and is now a critical issue in our technology realm and a growing threat to the world. Cyber wars are generally politically or economically motivated, with motives of interrupting organizations, confidential data, and direct assets in cyberspace. In this paper, we thus provide a comprehensive exploration of security threats and challenges in cyber warfare. Specifically, we focus on reviewing and discussing cyber attacks, weapons of attack and security threats, along with defense method against perpetrators, vulnerabilities, authentication, trends and other implications. We aim to provide a clear overview of security susceptibility and discuss future research directions accordingly.

Security Threats and Challenges in Cyber Warfare

We live in a connected world; the dominance of technology in our lives today is almost unimaginable. Over the past two…

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