Cyber Warfare And The United States Homeland Security

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Thesis Statement The modernization and revolution of the information technology has awakened to a new down of information warfare, a threat that stubbornly dogs the United States Homeland Security in form of cyber terrorism.
Cyber warfare is part of the American military’s proactive defense strategies. Besides the use of Cyber warfare in defense, Cyber warfare has another use as a means of attack. According to the United States military cyber-attack is a form of ancient act of war. In 2013, Cyber warfare was for the first time perceived to be a more significant threat than terrorism or Al Qaeda, according to U.S. intelligence officials. Representative Rogers Mike, the leader of the U.S House permanent select committee on Intelligence, said on July 2013 that majority of Americans could not realize that the United States was currently in the middle of a Cyber warfare. Cyber Warfare is an impending threat to the United States Homeland Security. Technology has been integrated into virtually every sphere of life in the form of computer technology including security. The threat is an invisible war with weapons of automation that have a detrimental intent to espionage and sabotage security. This research paper intends to investigate the history of cyber terrorism and why cyber terrorism has flourished.

Richard A. Clarke, a security expert in the United

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