Cyber Warfare

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Cyber warfare One of the first cyber-attacks was the Morris worm in the year 1988. It had affected the world cyber infrastructure. This worm utilized the weak areas of UNIX system Noun1. This worm has replicated adversely and slowed down the computers in all of the US and made them unusable. Cyber warfare has become a societal issue now. Though the roots of cyber warfare aimed at military areas primarily, it extended its effects to non-military areas too. The information infrastructure based companies have become victimized due to abundant availability of cheap cyber weapons over internet. This resulted in economic instability. Libicki classified information warfare into seven categories. They are intelligence based warfare, economic…show more content…
Duqu has the capacity to inject components into svchost.exe, iexplore.exe and firefox.exe. This malware is considered as a nonpublic exploit in windows kernel component. Both stuxnet and Duqu utilizes kernel mode root kit. Stuxnet is independent of any human while Duqu respond to command and mainly contributes to information theft. The capacity of information theft is mainly due to .key logging component. Another most popular malware is TDL3. The TDL3 root kit contains both Duqu and Stuxnet characteristics. TDL3 by passed antivirus software’s successfully It has successfully evaded the attack of anti-root kit software’s (Dezfoli et al., 2013). Flame is complicated software which was primarily built by utilizing object oriented code. It is advanced type of malware which can hack Skype calls, audio and can steal email. It ranges about 20MB in size. This malware has the capability to infect computers on local area network. It uses network level tricks. It impersonates automatic updates of windows provided by Microsoft. Gauss is another form of malware which utilized objects oriented code. It is one of the successful platforms which helped to steal large amount of information. It is one of the cyber espionage platforms. This malware not only steals system information but also steals data from local area network. It compromises information by injecting modules into web browsing sessions. One of the popular DDoS attack was in Burma. Estonia also suffered from the
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