Cyber Warfare Is The Realm Of Cybersecurity And Cybercrime Prevention Essay

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One of the fastest growing and challenging fields of law enforcement is the realm of cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention. Though the field is still in its infancy at the municipal level, there are many opportunities at the federal level that focus on matters of national security. Many countries are now dependent on internet-connected information systems that directly affect their critical infrastructure (Tofan, Andrei, & Dinca, 2012). Unfortunately, an attack against this critical infrastructure can completely cripple a nation, as evidenced in Estonia in 2007 (Shaikh & Kalutaragek, 2016). This particular attack is often seen as the first cyberattack on a nation’s critical infrastructure, and targeted governmental websites and financial institutions (Tofan et al., 2012). The attack lasted two weeks, and devastated the country’s network infrastructure (Tofan et al., 2012). Another recent example of the potentially disastrous effects of cyber-warfare is the 2010 Stuxnet attack on an Iranian nuclear reactor. In this particular event, the true dangers of a cyberattack were realized as sophisticated malware caused uranium enrichment centrifuges to fail (Singer, 2015). As the nature of cybercrime and cyber-espionage continues to evolve, law enforcement professionals will need to be hired and trained to meet the challenge head-on. Personally, the field of computer and network security is a subject that I have always been passionate about. I was extremely fortunate to

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