Cyber Warfare Strategic Plan

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Cyber warfare can be described has a the calculated or premeditated use of different activities against computers or networks, with a the intent to cause harm or further political, social, religious agenda. Specific examples of Cyber warfare would be theft of intellectual property or unauthorized network breaches to get access to certain data. In cyber warfare nations or individual are motivated to steal to breach other countries or business to steal proprietary or classified information from the governments or private business to gain security, financial, or political advantage and the ability to lower with other competitors; In other words, this particular country or business will be making items from identical to the original for a much lower price. Some nations within cyber warfare are motivated for monetary gain, and strong…show more content…
In order carry out this mission DoD must have the ability to first defend its most important networks, data identify and prioritize of important networks and data to the department. This plan will allow DoD to work and operate within a disrupted and degraded cyber environment in any event that an attack on their networks. In other words, DOD strategic plan should protect its critical infrastructure and operations to improve its contingency plans in case of any attack. The idea is to build and maintain a strong security architecture and joint Information Environment to move the focus from protecting just one service-specific networks but to secure the entire DoD enterprise including agencies under the DOD. In addition, the strategic plan should have staff and personnel with the capability to mitigate all known vulnerabilities that present a high risk to the department. Also work strong layered defense by working with the counterintelligence, and whole of government agencies to defend any type of
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