Cyber Warfare : The Threat Of The United State 's National Security

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Cyber Warfare Warfare can be defined as engaging in war or conflict. There are many different categories of warfare. More commonly known types include guerilla warfare, land warfare, aerial warfare, and naval warfare. Although when war is mentioned many minds wander to these forms of warfare, there are others that are not always as obvious. A rapidly growing type of warfare is cyber warfare. Cyber warfare can be defined as attacks from other nations to tap in to or destroy any type of information systems. As many nations race to the top of the technology totem pole, the risk of cyber war greatens. Computers and the Internet have caused the United State’s National Security to embark on amazing advancements in technology. Yet, both computers and the Internet can quickly grow to become threatening dangers across the nations. With classified, financial, military, and government information often being stored through databases, a cyber breach is a possibility that should be a forefront concern of the United State’s National Security’s defense. While ISIS and other terroristic groups are and will remain at the head of the United State’s government’s concerns, as technology continues to advance, cyber security should also become more prevalent to the government. Because of technological progressions, I believe that in the future, war will no longer be most commonly fought with physical combat. Nations will instead fight behind computer screen, breaching one…
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