Cyber World: Charms and Challenges

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Kumar Adarsh

Charms and challenges of Cyberworld
The cyber world is the hot topic of discussion. With the advancement of the science and technology, human race are trying to excel their proficiency to compete the creations of the nature. Cyber world is definitely the first step towards the same path. The Internet is something that mankind feels to be an essential part of the life. We are living an era where life would nearly come to a standstill without the use of this technology. We have got into the trap of this cyber world, for which we have created the entrance, but now trapped into the maze to search for the exit.
Era of Computers and Internet





The present era of Computers, laptop, androids, Internet etc.
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The bill payments and ticket-booking doesn’t take a tedious ride to the centres anymore. The same task can be accomplished sitting at home in much less time.
• E-books and e-library

Book lovers have a wide range of collection. Many sites provide free reading samples as well.
People can also purchase the book that they desire. We can also gather plenty books into our elibrary without accumulating the physical books into our book shelves.
• Communication and Interaction – world come closer
This is a boon for those who work abroad leaving their family back in their home-land. And those parents who have got their daughter married far by, can have video interactions. This technology has definitely made hearts closer and the affection has increased.
• Game Zone
Children and even the adults could find many fascinating games that could be downloaded any time through the Internet. This game zone provides a wide range of collection of games and people can choose as per their preference.

Kumar Adarsh

• News and publicity
The news through the Internet spreads much faster than any physical paper. Gone are the days when people used to buy newspapers. Everything is now just a click away. People get the news from time-to-time. The publicity of any matter could be done in much speedy manner to the large masses through the Internet than any other mode.
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