Cyberbullying : A Serious Problem Among Adolescents

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Abstract Bullying has been a serious problem among adolescents for centuries. Literary works dating back to the 1800’s have exemplified forms of bulling. Derived from a need for social acceptance and a natural competitive nature, bulling has remained relevant throughout the years. Due to the recent advancements and strides taken by technology, cyberbullying has come to be just as harmful as traditional bullying. With this high level of privacy and the mask of technology this form of bullying has become less apparent but just as, if not more effective than traditional bullying. Ethical issues are swirling around schools, parents and the government on when to take action and stop the bullying or when the law prevents them from doing so. Self-harm, mental and emotional stress and in some cases death are all results of cyberbullying, A compilation of statistical research, online articles and literary works were used to explain the ethical side of when to take control of this rising epidemic. A School serves as a wonderful outlet for adolescence to express their creativity while figuring out who they are, as they begin to grow into young adults. While some use their peers’ ideas and talents to further their own self exploration, some tend to find ways to put others down to allow themselves to feel more authoritative. Whether it be a troubled past, a jealous rage, or because they feel influenced to follow what others are doing, there can be multiple reasons why
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