Cyberbullying: An Actual Threat

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Introduction While it seems like an innocent action for most individuals, Cyber Bullying is real and it can have devastating effects on an individual. The Digital Age brings on new and intriguing problems and this particular issue is one of them. It is thus essential for society as a whole to be provided with complex education regarding the matter and with the opportunity to become acquainted with the risks that it poses. While traditional bullying has a simple solution, conditions are more difficult when considering bullying performed by using modern technology and the authorities, parents, and children need to be provided with instruction that would make it possible for them to effectively fight and discourage cyber bullies. Context Conventional bullying can be limited by matters such as one's physical power and the distance between the respective individual and the victims that he is interested in persecuting. However, the digital age made matters easier by providing almost anyone in possession of a cell phone or a computer with the ability to put his or her terrorizing attitudes into practice. In order to understand what cyberbullying is, people need to have a proper understanding of traditional bullying. "Name-calling, shoving, tripping, kicking, spitting, knocking books out of a classmate's hands, making threats, fistfights, hang-up phone calls, threatening messages, bad-mouthing, spreading malicious gossip, and excluding people from peer groups as social
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