Cyberbullying And Harassment Madera High School

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Schools today are constantly updating their code of conduct due to cases involving cyberbullying. The average teenager has a social media account and can easily access the account at any given time. Many teenagers rely on social media for various reasons which then increases the potential for cyber bullying to occur. Cyberbullying can be seen on such media like, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Cases of cyberbullying between teenagers have created a great dilemma upon parents and school districts. Since online bullying is not done face to face, the bully feels more daring and aggression towards the victim. Most of these cases have ended in tragedy and were not taken care of correctly by administration at schools. Bullying and harassment…show more content…
It is important that the code of conduct becomes updated so issues of cyberbullying and harassment do not become more of a problem than what it already is. Updating the code of conduct could benefit the school and further prevent cyberbullying and harassment from striking other students. The school could have stern consequences towards students who violate the codes. Cyberbullying all together could be put to an end because the codes will be more strict and put into definite use regardless if the action was done outside of school. First and foremost it is important that all students are aware of the code of conduct. The conduct should ensure disciplinary actions that are fair towards the situation and can relate. It could include a detention warning for violating the code. If all else furthers or worsens, then a parent meeting with the school principal and counselor should take place because most parents are unaware of what their children say or do online. The third violation could result in a suspension and mandatory detention once they return back from school. Ultimately if a student does not take the code of conduct seriously and continues to bully or harass another student online, then explosion will be taken into affect. The same disciplinary actions should be taken into consideration for digital pile on as well. Students who fail to abide by the rules will have the same consequences. Madera High school should take updating their code of conduct seriously. Online bullying and harassment should not be taken lightly, especially when teenagers lives are at risk. If Madera High school updates their code of conduct and follows it consistently with every student who fails to obey the code of conduct,cyberbullying could be put to a standstill once and for all. More and more cases of cyberbullying will increase if the
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