Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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With the easy access to various forms of technology, young people are using the internet and social networks more than ever before. They view the internet and even more so their mobile phones as a positive aspect of our society. These devices play a crucial role in our daily lives and development of identities. However, these devices are often used negatively. With the increased usage of advanced communication technology, a new type of bullying, cyberbullying, has emerged. Cyberbullying allows individuals to target victims either openly or anonymously via the internet. Research shows cyberbullying is detrimental because victims develop psychological disorders, experience a decreased in academic achievement, have an increase in health complaints.
Psychological disorders are more prominent in children or adolescents that were cyberbullied than victims of traditional bullying. For a cyber aggressor, it is not necessarily to have the physical strength, authority and influence on his peers to feel superior. Through the internet the ability to degrade, humiliate and terrorize is realized only through a stroke of the keyboard. Once transmitted on the internet, the information remains forever, circulating and appearing in various online information resources. This fact leads to prolonged traumatic impact on the psyche of the child. The target is the object of ridicule and humiliation and forms low self-esteem and often leads to depression and possible

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