Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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Cyberbullying is a kind of harassment that makes use of the latest electronic technology. This kind of bullying is always on the internet, but people are now even using their phones to bully people, as well. According to the US National Crime Prevention Council, cyberbullying is when the internet, cellphone, and other devices are used to hurt others by sending messages, posting statuses, or sending images to hurt or embarrass someone.
Cyberbullying has become a major issue in the media today. The number of children suicides have increased due to harassment on social media websites. I believe that this can be prevented if schools change some of the polices and of course raise awareness. The internet is one of the most fundamental technological revolutions of our age due to the universal impact it has on our every day lives. The internet should not be used to cause someone pain or to harass people.
Bullying of any kind is wrong but cyberbullying has taken it to a new level because now people can create a profile to slander a person’s name. Cyberbullying also can occur 24-hours a day, unlike the traditional form of bullying. People can actually get on a site like Facebook that has a world-wide audience to bully and get others to do the same. So now not only has the victim been bullied by a classmate but now millions of strangers are harassing them.
The act of bullying is also not limited to children or teens; the behavior may be seen as “childish” but the same goes for
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