Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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Cyberbullying has the power to tear down a life. Once it has started, there is no delete button that will automatically clear everything that has been said. The process of cyberbullying is difficult for the victim but possibly enjoyable for the bully. Often there is only one receiver and one trigger but multiple people join in because the comments are public for others to see as well. Being on the receiver side is difficult to deal with the comments every day and night because it is constantly on one’s mind and subconscious. It is challenging to search for help because of the comments said towards the victim, it is embarrassing and shaming, even though they are not the truth. Back then, there wasn 't much awareness as to what was happening online and how it was affecting people. Today there is more security on the Internet, like blocking and reporting, but cyberbullying is still happening. Victims may feel powerless and hopeless as to standing up for themselves. Cyberbullies should not only have a greater punishment, but there should be a higher awareness towards cyberbullying because it can cause harm in others lives. Five years ago, a teenage girl named Ismenia got her first laptop. She was excited because she could chat with her friends since she didn 't have a phone. As time went on her friends wanted her to make a page with her profile on one of the social media pages. Since all her friends had one, she decided to make one as well. She posted up a picture of herself
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