Cyberbullying And Its Effects On Society

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A major epidemic in our country as well as the world would be bullying. Grant it, Hollywood has made millions of dollars on the subject with movies that would include: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Karate Kid, and A Christmas Story just to name a few. Those who have seen these films have understood the humorous side of the film; moreover, there are far greater issues on the subject. In the past fifteen to twenty years, the problem has become a much greater problem than before with technology. Technology has allowed people to be bullied by total strangers and people in which they never met. Cyberbullying has become a bigger problem than ever imagined. There are many different causes for cyberbullying which spawn psychological issues; however, the methods used are intended to inflict a damaging impact on their intended victims.
Cyberbullying stemmed from a digital generation with social media, cell phones, and computers just to name a few. Thirty to forty years ago before the digital era, bullying was a problem among kids as well as some adults. Why do people choose to be a bully? There can be many reasons such as, the individual may have low self-esteem, they could be actually a coward, or they too were victims of some form of bullying. What are the causes or reason people choose to partake in such heinous acts? Some reasons range from peer pressure, social status, and as gross as this reason sounds, they bully people due to their appearance. Wanting to have friends or to be in a…
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