Cyberbullying And Its Effects On Society

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Cyberbullying Did you know that girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying? Although the use of technology has created many opportunities to enhance teaching and learning, it also has led to some severe problems (Morgan, 2013). Online communication can become an addiction, but we have to be careful on what we post or send to other people. Cyberbullying affects people from kinder to college, or even higher. Before the internet, bullies dominated the schoolyard. Now, bullies of twenty-first century release their aggressions online, as cyberspace becomes the “high-tech playground for intimidation” (Albin, 2012). Teens, especially, are reluctant to tell adults—for fear of overreaction,…show more content…
Bullying versus Cyberbullying The effects of any type of bullying can create severe problems in the victim’s life, but it can be stopped. Bullying has been defined as a conscious, willful, and deliberate hostile activity intended to harm, to create terror, and to induce fear through the threat of further aggression (Strauss, 2012). Bullying may be directly target a child such a name calling, kicking, grabbing, hitting, wrestling, and taunting. Or, it can be, indirect such as isolating someone and not including them in activities or discussions. According to Strauss (2012) bullying does not include criminal assaults, threats with a weapon, or hate crimes. Traditional bullying results to be face-to-face, and it can happen several times in a period of a week. There has been an increase in the number of books and movies focused on the problem of bullying (Ahrens, 2012). In the other hand, we have cyberbullying, Willard (2007) defines bullying as “being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other form of social aggression using the Internet to other digital technologies” (p.1). Cyberbullying differs from traditional bullying in that cyberbullying can attack anonymously, it can instantly go viral globally, it allows many people to harass the same target all at once, it hides and guards the cyberbullying from the emotional toll his/her bullying creates, and it allows the culprit to push further than he or she might in a
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