Cyberbullying And Its Effects On The Bully Essay

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The Bully In the world of cyberbullying the bully is involved, but since unable to see their victim they tend have no feelings of regret or shame, especially since they are unable to see their victim and tell/ do what they what in front of the victim, which gives the bully a screen, most of the time making them feel invisible, untouchable, and unknown. Since cyberspace was started bullies were able to reach more people, faster. "Cyberbullying is more pervasive because the bully can reach a large number of people at once. It also may be more harmful because the bully does not have to be physically present while the person is being bullied. Students bullied via cyberspace are unable to escape the bully without giving up the use of a cell phone. Cyberbullying can also involve the next concern about the use of cell phones, the practice of sexting (Thomas)." A bully not only uses rumors, but know with technology and its advances they use a lot more..."...sexting, swapping graphic images, blackmail threats and naked videos are being used by pupils to degrade each other (Gleeson)." This does not even start to cover what is being used in the world of cyberbullying, bullies are going even farther especially with photoshop and memes. The bullies are hitting any and every vulnerability they can find and make now a days; they can over hear what you feel negatively about yourself and take a picture and photoshop it to make you look like you believe you do. Now that bullies
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