Cyberbullying And Race / Ethnicity : A Study Of Philadelphia High School Students

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Ping Nguyen Professor Phyllis Solomon Literature Review Bullying and Race/Ethnicity: A Study of Philadelphia High School Students University of Pennsylvania Bullying and Harassments Bullying and harassment within the K-12 school setting, based on research studies continues to be a problem with great consequences for the victims such as suicidal thoughts, lower grade point averages, high truancy and high drop-out rates. Research on the connection between bullying and harassment and academic variables demonstrated that students who experienced bullying and harassments are more likely to avoid or drop out of school (Fried & Fried, 1996), have lower academic achievement (Glew, Fan, Katon, Rivara, & Kernic, 2005), have lower self-esteem and have higher levels of anxiety, depression and social isolation (Hawker, D.S.J & Boulton, 2000), and more likely to attempt suicide or have a greater frequency of suicidal thoughts (Rigby, 2003). This study attempts to resolve some conflicting results of previous studies on frequency of bullying of students with marginalized race/ethnic identity. It also attempts to investigate the frequency of bullying and harassments of students with multiple marginalized identities in comparison to students with one or no marginalized identities. There has been research exploring the bullying and harassment of students based on social identities such as race/ethnicity, ability status, gender/sex assigned at birth, gender identity &/or gender

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