Cyberbullying And Tinker V. Des Moines Independent Community School District

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Cyberbullying and Tinker

Cyberbullying is prevalent in today 's society due to the abundance of teenage students having access to the internet either on campus or off of campus. Bullying over the internet is thought of being done by students against students. Although this is true, there are many instances where students use the internet to voice their opinions about teachers and administrators in which the language is vulgar, lewd, and demeaning. As of 2015, all states in the United States, except for
Montana, have enacted policies that deal with bullying by using an electronic device. However, in many of the previous court cases, the rulings have been linked to a Case Law that was made in
1969. "Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District is frequently recognized as being the first case to protect students ' First Amendment rights at school. By ruling that it was within Iowa high school students ' First Amendment rights to protest Vietnam by wearing armbands at school, the Court established that students do not shed their Constitutional rights at the school gate, with the exception of behavior that could cause "substantial disturbance" to the school environment" (Eaton, 2014). The Supreme Court has not yet made a ruling on a case dealing with cyberbullying and the internet; therefore, it must rely on Case Law from before the internet era to make decisions involving students ' freedom of speech. This is where cyberbullying and…
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