Cyberbullying: Arguments Made On Social Media

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Cyberbullying Essay
Every day millions of people are posting on social media. Whether it's to post a picture or communicate with one another. There has been much discussion about whether or not individuals should be prosecuted for derogatory statements made on social media. Although some may disagree, most people believe that individuals should not be prosecuted for comments made on the internet because it violates the first amendment, shows one responsibility level, and squanders tax payers money. Initially, prosecuting someone for their opinion violates the first amendment. Social media has been a way for people to express their feelings towards others or certain issues. Many people may criticize one another. What they say …show more content…

However they are not doing that, which proves that they are not mature enough to be on social media. Although some may think that the bully is the major, they also need to see that the "victim" has a major role also. Clearly, people should not be prosecuted.
Additionally, it waste tax payers money. Even though people may think supporting the court system for prosecution on cyberbullies is needed, they do not see that it stops the court from handling real problems. For example, if someone committed a homicide. In the article, "The Dangers of Cyberbullying",the Bullying Prevention Act , "The Megan Meier Cyber
Bullying Prevention Act helps to define what is covered under the term 'cyberbullying.' For instance, in order for a behavior to be defined as cyberbullying, it must be repeated..." This may describe cyberbullying, however it cannot be legally said which means it isn't in the constitution.
Obviously, cyberbullies cannot be punished.
In a nutshell, people who post negative comments on social media should not be prosecuted because it squanders tax payers money, shows reponsibility level, and violates first

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