Cyberbullying Is A Serious Cause For Concern

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Cyberbullying is “when the Internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person” (NCPC, 2016). With millions of young people, particularly teenagers, frequenting the Internet to do class work and socialize, cyberbullying, or online bullying, has become a serious cause for concern. First, with the advent of technology being integrated into public schools, some young people are creating online identities and anonymously posting images or harassing messages intended to harm others. These kinds of harassing online behaviors are being reported at schools in many U.S. states (Davis, 2012). As a result, “Thirty-eight states have bullying laws that include a ban on ‘electronic harassment’ in their provisions, and 14 states have laws that expressly prohibit cyberbullying” (Davis, 2012).
Next, rumors are easily spread in online interactive forums and on popular social media websites such as Facebook and MySpace. In one instance, three Massachusetts students created a fake Facebook page using the real identity of a classmate to publish negative comments about students enrolled at the school. Angered students then mocked and teased the student who had fallen victim to these three students. The issue created a legal quagmire for the school principal, who did not have a cyberbullying policy in place and needed to take immediate steps to rectify this unfortunate situation (Davis, 2012).
Third, while many
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