Cyberbullying Is A Well Known Status For Destroying The Confidence And Esteem Of Our World 's Youth

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Derek VanderPool
Mr Gage
AP US Government Period 2
12 March 2015
Eliminating Cyberbullying Bullying has had a well known status for destroying the confidence and esteem of our world’s youth for decades. Recently, a new form of bullying has emerged and has taken over the technological environment. Similar to a student physically bullying another peer, we see victims hurt after an attack over misuse of the Internet. Cyberbullying has been much harder to track than face-to-face bullying. It has also been easier for someone to attack another mercilessly and guiltlessly due to the lack of physically seeing the damage caused (Donegan). Some believe legislation addressing anti-bullying is needed to stop these cyber attacks in their tracks and control the youth’s misuse of technology. Some would rather see more responsibility from parents and schools addressing the issue. Perhaps it is not that simple. There must be programs provided for communities to address the problem and legislation to prove that bullying over the Internet is no joke. Cyberbullying can be defined as “bullying that takes place using electronic technology” (“Cyberbullying.”). It is much harder to track or get away from because the bullies can get at the victim in so many ways. The bullying could take place on social medias like Facebook, over text or a call with the victim’s number, messaging over email, and many other electronic platforms. Blocking numbers and accounts can only get so far because new, fake…
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